Bajaur Times is a non partisan, non political, nonprofit and an independent news based website based in Bajaur Agency running by a team of highly professional, committed and skilled journalists.

The prime objective is to aware the people of FATA, especially, of Bajaur and its surroundings and to air the news and day to day happenings, events and incidents. The broadcasting is aired through text, audio and video formats in Pashto, Urdu and English languages.

The website was first launched in Urdu language then a portion was added in Pashto for Pashto speakers. A new section has been set up recently for the people interested in news in English language.

Our policy does not allow biased, discriminative or any type of violent news and the interest is given only to the general public news, reports and articles in audio and visual formats which made Bajaur Times popular among the youth and students.

The Bajaur Times is not only limited to publish news but offers opportunities for the independent writers to share their views and opinion and raise their voices in the form of blogs and articles.

No doubt, That Bajaur Times has recently started its journey of services but it is also a fact that the website has become the most popular and credible news site not only in FATA but all over the country for its bold and unbiased coverage of general and public issues and events.

The entire team of Bajaur Times consists of committed, professional and neutral journalists, who have no affiliation with any political party or religious group  in order to maintain its unbiased nature and, hence, to build the people trust over the website.

The Bajaur Times believe in equality and professionalism. We invite writings of everyone, no matter, to which party or group he/she belongs, but all the materials subject to the website policy.